Press On!

Are you in a battle right now? Facing tragedy? Is your heart breaking in two? Are you ready to quit? Are you confused? Is fear threatening to destroy you?

This last year was perhaps one of the most challenging of my entire life. My heart was broken in a million pieces as I watched some of my family members suffer. I was hard pressed with tight deadlines that overwhelmed me. Daily there was one crisis after another for months on end.

I knew I could face not one of those things in my own strength. I knew, that I knew, that I knew I could do it only in Christ and each day I pressed on in faith.

I persevered, believing He heard my cries; believing He cared; believing He had a plan; believing that plan was perfect, despite how I felt or what I saw.

May I confess that is not my norm? I usually struggle in a trial. I usually want to quit in a trial. I usually just want to give up in a trial.

I end up walking in faith, but I almost always feel like a bloody mess by the time I get to that point.

But this time, day after long day, I pressed on through the tears, the confusion, the anger, the pain, the fear.

My friend, I want to tell you today, that He will not fail you. He cannot fail you!

Do not let your feelings confuse or destroy you. What seems like a curse, may be God’s greatest blessing for you.

God does not ask us to feel right. He asks us to believe right!

Believe what He says, not what you see or feel!

Today I am praising God for His many blessings this year. When the need was greatest, His grace was indeed greater still. Press on dear one, press on. You will never regret it.

How can I pray for you?