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Take Courage

Do you need courage today? I don’t know about you, but if courage to face all the things in my life could be found in a smoothie I’d drink a gallon today! Facing life is sometimes hard. Facing life is sometimes exhausting. Facing life is sometimes daunting. But God tells

When things are not up to par…..

The last 18 months have been some of the busiest of my life. I’ve written a bible study, done retreats, written new messages, started a new online blog, and have seen the birth of two new grandsons and 2 new great grandsons. Time has slipped away from me in the busyness.

Finding shelter from the bombs of life…..

Bomb blasts shattered Boston today. Lives were lost. Limbs were lost. Bryan Burke via Compfight Perhaps your life was torn apart by another kind of bomb today.  Adultery. Divorce. Cancer. Loss of job or money. We like to think we are tough and invincible, but the truth is we are

If you have been broken….

It doesn’t take a second to be broken by the choices of others, by the words of others or the action of others. Rachel Titiriga via Compfight Know this: Broken people will break you. Why do we expect imperfect humans to be perfect and our perfect God to be imperfect?

If Jesus rose from the dead…everything is different!

Below is a monologue I wrote and performed many years ago. I wrote it as if Mary, the mother of Jesus, is telling someone, early Sunday morning, what she witnessed on Friday, what she remembers about Jesus as a boy and what she thinks about hearing that Jesus rose from

What’s so amazing about grace?

Dear Reader, I have a confession to make. I only understood part of God’s truth about grace. My misunderstanding kept me dwelling in fear for more years than I can count. If you struggle to understand grace; if you struggle with fear; if you struggle with worry, this post is