Merry Christmas!


I am rejoicing this day. Rejoicing that He was born.

He did not leave us to ourselves. He did not let us wallow in our sin and filth. He was born into the muck of the stable so that we could be born again into the purity of His righteousness. 

I am not ashamed of the gospel! It is God’s power for salvation to men!  Romans 1:16

This year if you are longing for peace with family and finding none…if you are breaking in two over loss of love or life….if you are alone and lonely and longing for more……..there is good news! 

He is the more; He is the Prince of Peace; He offers love divine; and He promises that you will never, never, never be alone!

We do have something to rejoice about…we have a Savior! We will have peace without end; we will be bathed in righteousness and experience an eternity of  hope and joy!

Merry Christmas to you all!