God has not changed…even though life has.

Whatever is going on for you right now…a death, a sickness, a troubled marriage or a troubled teen, or just the doldrums, you must remember this….God has not changed; His plan has not changed and His purposes have not changed.

Today I’ve got a serious case of “foggy brain”. Nothing earth shattering is going on. I’m not sick. I’m not cold toward¬†God. I’m just blah.

When I feel that way I tend to wonder what I’ve done wrong. I tend to wonder what is going on. I tend to wonder what I can do to get back on track.

And for those of you who have been hit between the eyes with tragedy it is especially common to wonder what is going on; wonder why God is mad at you; wonder what you have to do to fix things.

But when we wonder about God, we tend to wander away from Him; to get off track; to fall away and to fall down.

Today don’t wonder what is going on. Stake yourself to His Truth and stand firm in what you do know about God! Do not let your feelings lead you astray.

God loves you.
God chose you to be His.
God will never leave you.
God is for you and not against you.
God does have a plan even if He hasn’t shared it with you.
God knows what He is doing even if you don’t.

God is ok even if you are not.
God will forgive your sin.
God will heal your brokenness.
God will comfort you in the pain.
God will catch all your tears in a bottle.

God can be trusted today. Turn to Him. Run to Him. Rest in Him. And whatever you do keep on Following Him, for apart from Him you can do nothing.